Well it sure has been a while since I’ve popped into your world.

I hope you enjoyed the festive season and managed to navigate your way through this strange time we still find ourselves in.

Personally I’ve pulled away from social media, posting and well anything I wasn’t quite feeling.

Whenever I share content it really comes from an inspired space and the past few months I really haven’t been feeling overly inspired.

The energy of 2020 required some clearing.

I’ve been putting together some wonderful projects but honestly if I’m not feelin’ it I’m not bringing that energy to my project. I’ll sit on it and align with the energetic frequency I wish to share.

I know you get it, those mental waves we ride. At times I’m feeling sooo connected and have such clarity then BAM I’ll wake up the next morning feeling very different.

I definitely turn to my tools and techniques and the one that always brings me back is sitting in stillness even for 15 minutes of relaxation a day whether it be morning, afternoon or evening.

Giving myself permission to relax the tension and resistance in my body.  That pesky resistance builds up in my shoulders, neck oh and not to mention the tension in my face..who needs more wrinkles..right?

When I give myself liberation of mindfully connecting to relaxation and observing where my tension is (whether they be thoughts of feelings) I can let it go to move deeper into the core of who I really am.

The part of me that is fearless, courageous, peaceful, so relaxed, calm, trusting, easy and loving.

We all have stuff that pulls us out of who we really are and it requires a bit of work to strengthen that re connection.

I’m confident you’re probably nodding your head right now because we humans are always chasing the next thing. It’s part of our humanly growth and expansion.

So, I encourage you to sit in quiet time for just 15 minutes of relaxation to meet with who you really are.

Without the stress, without the stories, without the resistance, without the chasing and I know you’ll notice the difference.

If you need some help Yep you guessed it I have some help for you.

You can put yourself to sleep with any of these, personally I’ve been soaking up my ‘I am LOVABLE’ meditation.

It’s ironically what we’re severed from without even realising it. Crazy right!

I’ll continue listening to my intuition even when it tells me to take a break and I look forward to sharing more with the world.

Serving from a space of inspiration and alignment of who I really am.

Please hit reply and let me know how you feel after your 15 min journey.










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