Are your Angel wings tired?


Even angels must find their wings too heavy sometimes.

Helen Van Slyke


Lately I’d been feeling really fatigued, a little overloaded and fuzzy. Although the health of my angel wings was nowhere on my radar.

I was lucky enough to spend some time away with my lovely friends around Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales.

The area is perfect for a mystic, mermaid, healer, feeler like me. Being surrounded by vegan hippie folk was exactly what I needed.

Time to recharge, rest, shift gear.

My body was giving me signs and I’d been craving gentle nurturing, so off I went and indulged in a massage.

Immediately I understood my therapist was an intuitive fairy type, open to understanding and embracing energy.

I was in Australia’s energy haven after all…

Completely enjoying the effleurage and petrissage, my sore spots sure were relishing with the attention

One of my sensitive spots was my inner shoulder blades, (you know the spot?)

As I felt my therapists’ spiritual openness, she blurted it out….

She said ‘ your angel wings are so tired!’

‘You must have a role where you energetically care for many.’

‘Your shoulder blades are the point where your angel wings are attached.’


This was her interpretation as to why my shoulder blades were sore and sensitive.

I was relaxed during the experience and enjoyed the nurturing I knew I desperately needed without thinking too much about her comment until I was a little more coherent afterwards.

She was totally on point with her comment about carrying many energetically; we all do that in some way.

Whether that be with our families, friends or in our professional space.

Our bodies carry external energy differently and it’s always reflective in how we feel.

How are your angel wings?

 Do they need rest and a little creative flutter?

Are they in need of some time out to recharge and engage in some creative play?

 Do they need to reconnect with nature?

 We all need to recharge our angel wings from time to time, our health, our senses and our mental state reminds us of that all the time.

It’s up to us to listen!!

Love Nadia






Photo by 小胖 车 on Unsplash


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