Starting from the beginning and keeping things simple is often missed. So simply, we are so much more than our physical bodies.

The universe is made of energy and so are we. Ancient cultures have been aware of our chakras and energy system for years.

Our chakra system is vast however we have 7 main chakras in our bodies. They are energy wheels situated in particular areas of our bodies. When healthy they rotate and spin capturing the flow of energy that is available to us.

Earth energy from below and divine energy from above.

Energy is about flow. When our chakras are blocked due to stress and negative emotions they begin to rotate and spin in a restricted, distorted fashion. Stress makes it difficult for the flow of universal energy to move through our chakras with ease. Liken it to trying to fit into our favorite super tight skinny jeans that may have become to small for us, sure we can squeeze our way into them but we reallyyy struggle and we can be quite uncomfortable!

This is how the flow of energy moves through our energy wheels. IT STRUGGLES.

You may be thinking: Who cares whether they spin or not?

Well, each of them is located in a particular area of our body. Depending on where they are situated, the chakras govern the flow of energy to our vital organs within that area. With restricted energy flow our blocked chakras can cause issues with our health as well as our emotional state.

Our chakra system is something we constantly have to work on as is our mental state, emotional state and physical state. Being aware of this is a start, meditation is a great tool in assisting with energy flow and getting your energy wheels spinning, as with all things it’s about balance .

To Be continued….

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