I’m so happy you stopped by to read this. This corona and the crown message has been brewing in me for a while.

I do my best to sit in meditation daily and today I gave myself the time to sit for as long as I needed.

I’d already been out for my daily walk, which to me is another form of meditation.

I use this time to say thank you to everything around me.

Feeling my energy field expanding when I use this thankful practice is amazing. (give it a try if you haven’t already)

Today I began my meditation with the knowing of my own power and knowing I have the whole universe inside of me. That, in itself is uplifting and encouraging, owning the grand intelligence of all that is.

No need to keep it small here!!!

I’ve shared many times about the meditation practice I’ve been using for years now. How I’ve used it to heal my body from ill health and I constantly receive the same intuitive message about it too.

The important benefits of connecting to your own pillar of light and keeping yourself plugged into that powerful light source.

Obviously the situation and fear of late around the corona (word meaning crown) virus has caused some turbulence. When I’ve sat in my pillar of light during these crazy times and asked the reason behind this turbulence I’ve received this intuitive response.

I’ll do my best to keep it grounded.

Corona is an opportunity to unite. In the world of spirit there is no hiding, all is fully visible and exposed. We are showing all of ourselves to other souls. We can’t hurt another because there is no reason for it and all parts of us are revealed.

We live in HARMONY

When we incarnate into human form we forget our true nature and think we are separate and traveling solo. Our energy is denser and heavier and not as quick or fluid as it is in the plane of our souls real home.

This time of corona (crown) and its isolation is an opportunity for us to open our crowns.

This is energy point in our physical bodies which is our opening to the spiritual connection to all and the part of us that is greater, grander and illuminated.

Our crown energy point is situated at the top of our head.

Our attention has now shifted from our external existence and we are being forced to isolate. To turn our focus towards our internal existence. Both in our homes and in our minds.

This experience gives us the opportunity to move deeper. Into the depths of our own wisdom, slow down, be mindful.

UNITE again just as we are united in our souls home. Giving us the opportunity to bring that more fluid frequency of our souls natural state into our earthly existence.

Think of a newborn baby and how the top of its head, its crown is soft and open to its previous higher conscious awareness. As a child grows its crown closes and more often than not so does it’s knowledge of remembering its true spiritual home.

So back to my meditation today and sitting in my space of knowing the whole universe is inside of me with all its wisdom, all its knowledge, all its love, all its perfection, joy, peace, abundance, science, harmony and EVERTHING.

Well what a beautiful meditation it was!!!!

An opportunity to connect with all ‘I am’ when I am one with my pillar of light and share that EVERYTHING with everyone around me..


P.S. I’m sharing my ‘Peace Baby Peace’ meditation with you if you haven’t already used it. Please do, it’s a free, simple, short meditation so add your details below, download and listen. Enjoy!


Photo by Johnny Brown on Unsplash







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