If you can dream it, you can acheive it.
Zig Ziglar


Recently I was listening to a random podcast. A topic of discussion that popped up was around the power of creative visualisation.

I could really identify with the discussion and how visualisation has been a way for me to plant seeds into my own energy field for them to fertilize and materialize into reality.

It’s actually something we do instinctively while daydreaming without even realising it or we can be more intentional and specific with a desired outcome. Know we can only be responsible for our own story not someone else’s.

I was introduced to this technique when my friend Angie gave me a book called creative visualisation about 25 years ago.

There were several techniques I was drawn to in that little book. One in particular stood out and served as life changing and life saving for me.

I’ve been side swiped with some pretty scary health challenges. My outcome could’ve been a very different one to where I am today.

In my time of choice, I chose to incorporate in my meditation a visualisation technique from that ‘little creative visualisation book’.

I’d been using this technique in my meditation casually for years but perhaps really zooming in on its potency when I really had nowhere else to go but within.

Beginning to truly master the time I spent visualising a healed body. Filling my dis-eased body with white light truly allowing light to saturate every tiny molecule of my frail self. Seeing the grey sickness and what it represented leaving my body.

Sometimes it was a battle.The grey mass was so super duper stubborn wanting to sneak back into my visualisation but somehow I was like a super hero with super powers. My mind was disciplined and crystal clear.

When I got there, I would feel fantabulous, so light and so free.

Slowly allowing and becoming one with all energy around me. There was no limit to where I was. I became limitless in light choosing a healed and perfectly functioning body. Free of what was foreign and polluting.

I would see myself healthy, whole and smiling, living a life with those I loved around me.


Somehow I knew what I was surrendering to something bigger in unison with my visualisation. Letting my visualisations GO out into the field of intelligent consciousness. I had no choice but to let go of any control and what a liberating feeling that was!!!

Now looking back at my miraculous outcome, I can see how powerful planting seeds in your mind and energy field are.

How SEEING your outcome, FEELING it in your energy and genuinely SURRENDERING your VISUALISATION is so super potent.

So listening to that random podcast and hearing how powerful another persons amazing story was hit a spot for me.

Sure, I put pressure on myself. I have feelings of overwhelm and I get things wrong, but I also get things right. Seeing how much I’ve grown, how I’ve evolved and how much wisdom I’ve shared with others from my growth.

I EMBRACE my own powerful, extraordinary, scary journey and every blessing it has gifted me and maybe my experience might hit a spot for you too.

Love Nadia








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