“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr Suess


My little girl heart pounded and my little legs moved as fast as they could as they picked up pace. I felt I was being a great contribution to my team. Parts of this description all still so vivid in my mind.

I did my best to keep up with the boys only I never really was running fast enough. I never really was quite good enough and I never really was quite strong enough either.

That embedded story seemed to be on repeat while I was growing up. I grew up surrounded by boys, brothers, male cousins and male family friends. I was continuously trying to fit in with the boys but I was always ‘just a girl’

How annoying I would have been to them !! (insert giggle here)

I continuously begged to be included in the boys cricket, footy, army, fishing, bmx bike rides, go karting and anything else ‘the boys’ kept themselves entertained with.

It’s so surprising how much of a girlie girl I am after endlessly drenching avec all that testosterone.

But you see I believe that testosterone drenching contributed to an imbalance and you know how life’s all about creating balance. I am a soft feminine woman however masculine energy is so familiar to me that my energy field identifies with lots of male energetic characteristics.

Heck I tried to be one of the boys so naturally something’s gotta be out of whack.

I’ve been doing lots of eft tapping on that not good enough because I’m not one of the boys story.

What a drainer that story has been!

Masculine characteristics you may say?

CONTROL. (We control when we’re not feelin’ so safe and self assured..) And throw in the not good enough story with not feelin’ so safe with who you are equals a major solar plexus block.

That’s the chakra and energy point in our body that governs our self worth.

Getting the picture? Making sense right?

The stories we live by cultivated from our programming, experiences and beliefs contribute to the way we navigate our approach through our life’s journey.

Unconsciously moving from the stories stored in our mental navigation system.

You see our programming is all familiar, we feel safe moving and steering our life in a particular direction because it’s what we know.

Insert repetitive behaviors, mistakes, patterns here!!!

But wait! How wonderful that we always have choice and choosing to shift, heal and clear the path of that mental navigation system of our stored stories is available to us if we want it.

I’m far from perfect and I’m still on a path of learning, shifting and growing as we all are. That’s what self awareness is.

Plugging myself into my meditation practice, living my truth, listening to my heart, sharing my wisdom and intuitive gifts with the world enables me to soar so high above that tired, untrue and boring story of being ‘Just a girl’.

Instead to embracing a story of being one mighty fine empowered woman, helping my fellow sisters rise up and soar above their stories if they choose it too….


Love Nadia









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