However you’ve found your way here, you’re reading this because you’ve been pulled in the direction of ‘Let there be Light’

Question? Are you in alignment, standing in your pillar of light? Your power? Your continuous abundant supply of light from source and the universe?

Our life journey is the perfect opening to become acquainted with ourselves and form a stronger, clearer relationship with ourselves… It may not seem that way but it’s always about our self and our self…

Whatever’s happening in our current reality is a reflection of where we’re at with our self right now. All teaching us more about us. Giving us the opportunity to delve deeper, rise higher, feel more, trust more, love more, and fully immerse in the juicy deliciousness that is life.

That’s how we all roll…

In my moments of meditation I always receive the same intuitive message over and over of teaching others how to stay in their own pillar of light. And yes this reminder certainly applies to me too.

Staying strong in your pillar and receiving your tune up from source light to allow life to flow through you easily.

I used this thought process to heal my own body.

Whoever feels the pull towards me, that’s where I’m leading you and the rest is up to you.

Staying plugged into your pillar of light is a full time job, it’s an inside job, it’s a conscious, clear choice you make daily and it requires commitment to maintain the momentum because as we all know life gets in the way.

We get thrown all sorts of curve balls.

So make a choice, LET THERE BE LIGHT.

Get familiar with the divine light available to you.

Remember that part of you. It doesn’t have to be hard, life doesn’t have to feel stuck. They’re just the small stories we tell ourselves most of the time.

Stay in your light. Allow your energy to be light, playful, free. You are enough, worthy, abundant, lovable and validated.

It comes from us and our never-ending source of light. It’s here our thoughts are uplifting, inspiring, co-creating, peaceful, joyous and happy. It’s here we humans are at our best and sharing our best with everyone around us. Sharing magical creative energy with everyone we encounter.

And guess what’s returned back to us when we’re bathing in our divine light??

It’s when we’re out of whack with our powerful light source and fragments of ourselves are leaking out elsewhere that we feel the need to control.

Control if another is validating us, seeing us, loving us, acknowledging our worth. We are blaming, insecure, fearful.

We all do it, we’re human. So make the choice..

Remember..Meditate, find you and LET THERE BE LIGHT



Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash







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