Do you have an affinity with water, nature and perhaps the legend of magic Lemuria? Perhaps it’s a feeling or something that doesn’t necessarily require an in depth explanation?

Perhaps your soul recognizes where it’s been and you have a remembering stored deep within your cells and energy body.

If you’ve heard of it, Lemuria is said to have been a spiritually evolved and highly intelligent civilization. Where Lemurians were deeply connected to the earth and its paradise like haven.

Legend says Lemurians with their divine intelligence and wisdom began storing information in the vast crystals within their lands.

Apparently these intelligent beings had an awareness of their evolution and a knowledge for living in harmony as one. Lemurians stored sacred knowledge in crystals for it to be passed onto other wise beings that were here to awaken in the years to come.

It is said great floods caused this land to sink and its people either went underground or shape shifted into dolphins, whales or mermaids.

Healers, spiritual seekers or wise and awakened ones have an attraction to the legend and energy of Lemuria.

Your own journey with this magical paradise is for a remembering to stir within those who are drawn to the legend of sunken Lemuria. For the remembering to activate within and the vibrational energetic frequency to rise to that of the once highly evolved civilization.

Therefore bringing the higher vibrational frequency to our current time and space reality.

In my own intuitive remembering of this ancient paradise through meditation I’ve experienced the most exquisite journey of healing with crystal energy and nature itself.

My intuition showed me Lemurians maintained balance with their health through cleansing and clearing their energy bodies. This was their method to wellness of mind, body and energy.

This inspired me to create a meditation based on what I saw and experienced with my Lemurian magic meditation.

I always love revisiting my meditation journey through Lemuria and have loved sharing the meditation with many. The experience may awaken a memory within you too.

Regardless of whether the legend of this place is real or not, does it really matter? We will have the full remembering once we return home meeting all the parts of our soul and the many lives it has led.

The meditation experience is a beautiful clearing, cleansing and balancing one so to me that can only be a positive!

We can all benefit from a bit of that.

If you’re called to gently experience a re-balancing and restoration of your mind and body you can learn more here.










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