I was sharing my intuitive message with a friend recently and after verbalising it, its symbology came to me..meditation and energy!

So, here goes my aH-Ha moment of finally understanding the meaning of my vision.

The diagram I created on the left shows the way meditation helps us align with the vitality of life force energy.

The upward flow and downward flow of it’s availability is how it meets our energy centres.

Our energy centres are more often than not restricted, contracted and perhaps not as vital and vibrant as they can be. This can have a physical and physiological impact on our reality.

Don’t get too hung up on this though because our energy is always in need of a workout just like our beloved six pack!

Sitting in stillness and connecting to the upward flow and downward flow of energy allows our energy centres to feed off the life force energy it recognises.

Our energy centres begin to hum in delight from this rendezvous.

Let’s say these wheels of our energy centres come home to the mother ship and find comfort in the union.

This is why we feel so good after meditation.

Our energy has had a tune up and our consciousness has been rebooted by merging with its spiritual essence.

My intuition of late has shown me a varied version of the way energy is flowing.

I’ve tried to capture it in my very basic graphics. The upward and downward flow is still present and available. However it’s the way it’s being captured by us is different.

It’s almost as if we’re not quite meeting in precise alignment and missing it’s vitality. Think of it as everything upgrading to digital and not everyone has made the switch yet.

I know this may sound totally WHAT THE? or ‘full on out there’ but here’s the reason for my  AH-HA moment.

I’ve understood this is what has been causing fatigue and fogginess in many.  Riding the wave of our crazy 2020 has had its place too.

There’s a more elevated frequency of energy that has been making it’s way to us for some time. Wanting to ground it’s way onto our planet and this is done via us little humans.

It’s known as 5th Dimensional frequency.

This is part of the spiritual assignment for us and the planet.

It’s a way of grounding heaven on earth energy.

Most are yet to make the adjustment to this elevated energy because well, it’s a process. This is why my intuitive message shows the misalignment of capturing it.

It’s a higher vibrational frequency which is making it’s way into our restricted and contracted bodies.

So the aim my darling friends to feeling vital, abundant, vibrant and energetic along with all the beneficial physical self care stuff is continuing to relax, release and restore, strengthen and nuture your energy body.

To meet with this higher elevated energy that is ready, willing and wanting to gift us with more bountiful goodness, especially now!

So let’s meditate and continue the awakening journey!









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