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We all have our unique stories and mine may awaken something important in yours. My story has definitely put me on a healing path. It’s taken time to understand that I am an intuitive. I started meditating in my early 20’s and was drawn to all things spiritual, which led me to study various healing modalities. It is ‘normal’ for me to understand and tap into what people around me are feeling. Some years ago I was hit with serious illness where my mortality was in question followed by a double whammy of deep grief, my life spiraled in a downward direction, and I totally lost myself.

It was here that, as the Sufi mystic Rumi quotes


I’m Nadia, spiritual, quirky, intuitive creator of beautiful guided, healing infused meditations to touch, restore and help you remember you are love, light and presence.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia

I help you connect and return to your innate, divine essence of appreciating yourself and who you are. Guiding you to merge with the joy and happiness that life is. I help you exercise your attitude about yourself and feel so good, you can’t help but bring the energy of delight into your life.

My intuition flows through me to transport you beyond feeling mediocre and feelings of being enough.

My intuitive guidance repeats the same message of keeping it simple. You are capable of aligning with your own pillar of light and support. Your innate essence of love and everything that encompasses, your spiritual support team, whoever that may be for you and the intelligent universe are integrated within your pillar of light.

I’ve been where you are! Separated from myself, struggling so much after a series of events that hurt so much it cracked me open and I chose to change the stories I had on repeat and evolve into more. Sharing my gifts and spiritual wisdom with others through gentle yet super powerful guided meditations.

I’ve shared my meditation courses and classes with many and seen the difference it makes when you choose to sit in stillness, listen, shift the stories you tell yourself and magnify what feels good from the inside out.

You are here because you are beginning to remember. Your energy is awakening, whispering to you to believe you are worthy of fully embracing JOY, to fully connect NOW. To be GENTLE on yourself, ACCEPT, FORGIVE and LOVE yourself.

Life loves you and is ready, waiting and willing to dance along side you.

You are ready. Let’s Begin

Love Nadia

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