You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!


Only I wasn’t dreaming. I want to share a wowsa vision I had while meditating and an image gifted to me for you.

Being an intuitive, what I see is not always easy to put into words.

Recently while sitting in my meditation bubble I asked a question and I was shown the most amazing vision. I felt its wow factor radiating throughout my body.

I was shown my divine significance in the perfection of the UNIVERSE.? My vision was of an immeasurable ball of individual luminous sparks and each had an electric current or charge pulsating within it.

Even though each illuminated spark was individual they were somehow joined and bound together by the mightiest force of LOVE as they completed the immeasurable ball. There are no words I can use to describe the intensity of Love I felt, I don’t think a word exists that can capture it, the feeling indicated just how important we all are, how much the universe loves us and has our back.

The ball was suspended in the ether and I was shown the essential part each soul played to keep this infinite ball suspended.

The role each soul played in the space of immeasurable loving wisdom is crucial in keeping the ball suspended and held together.

I was shown if one soul, the essence of our being did not exist, the whole infinite, immeasurable suspended ball of sparks would crumble, collapse, disintegrate and SPLAT all over the place.?

Its form would flop like a failed formula.

Our awareness of moving way beyond our physical form is at times far removed from our logical minds. Perhaps my vision symbolizes exactly how our souls are all dynamically linked and just how precious we all are.

At times we possibly feel so alone thinking we are traveling solo and separate from everything and everyone when actually in fact we are holding one another up, suspended as one giant ball of luminosity, all divinely plugged into ? one massive power point of vibrational LOVE.  

So next time the sneaky feelings of not feeling good enough start polluting your mind and body. Think about just how special you are, you’re holding up the whole flipping formula!

The Universe Loves you!


Love Nadia


Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash


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