Your energy is calling you to return to a soft, safe and gentle space. Your feminine wisdom wants to take the lead to restore balance in your world.


Welcome to ‘U got the LOVE’

What if you viewed yourself as you really are rather than who you think you are?


Softening into the loving wisdom of your true self. Living and interacting from that space where you’re content and grateful because you acknowledge all that you are.

You know self LOVE is in you, it’s what we all crave!

You feel it calling you, awakening, pulling you towards acknowledging yourself in a deeper way.

Life has pulled you off track. You know you deserve more, you’ve slowly been searching for it.

You’ve been fixing, pushing, doing and being the one who sorts it all out. Somehow this default setting has landed on your shoulders.


Your truth is calling you to step forward and say ‘I’m worthy , I have arrived!’


You can acknowledge you and your needs.

You can acknowledge and nurture yourself.

You can strengthen your self worth.

You can see yourself as whole.

You can value yourself and strengthen that knowing.

Give yourself permission to soften into the acceptance of your deep knowing, affirming you are a being of love. It’s in this knowing you expand in the joy you are here to receive.

This course of meditations will guide you to

u got the love

Connect with the your heart

Listen, connect and lead from your heart. Your body and awareness know what to do when you get out of the way.


u got the love

ACCEPT yourself

Let go of the unnecessary limiting stories that are keeping you from feeling free and joyous.

love, balance

SOFTEN & Balance

When you soften and relax, your energy restores and finds its natural balance.

Self Acceptance, Self Worth, Self Love is not determined by your situation but rather how you view your situation.

That feeling determines if your heart is open or closed.

What’s included for $48.50

This BOLD and AWAKENING series consists of six Mp3 Guided meditations, designed for you the busy person who doesn’t need more overwhelm.

You will also receive a beautiful postcard capturing the essence of each meditation topic.
I recommend you follow this course in its order and if you wish to journal what is revealed to you, the choice is yours.

These meditations gently remind you to connect to the wise loving part of you. Just press play, sit back and witness the jewels which are revealed.

You will have Ah-Ha moments bringing you clarity, allowing you to view things from a higher perspective. A perspective of safety, identifying your true value encouraging you to release self criticism. Allowing a softer, gentler way to view yourself and others.

Love is the true guiding force behind everything on our planet.

The subsequent meditations encourage you to gently shed layers that keep you trapped and heavy.

In this sacred meditation course, you will unite with loving life force energy, guiding you to accept yourself, embrace your uniqueness and show gratitude for the temple of your beautiful body.

In the years I have been teaching my courses to my students I’ve loved incorporating something very special. Using my innate gifts to send healing energy to all in my groups. Energy is transferable and not time specific. This is why I have infused these meditations with healing reiki energy and willingly give you this very special gift.

The beauty is you can always revisit these meditations at your convenience, accessing them to keep you on your deserving path of self love & balanced energy system.

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Hi, I’m Nadia, spiritual healer and intuitive mystic. 

After a series of traumatic events I was cracked open and spiralled into a place of darkness. Here in the unlit places I followed the flickers of light that appeared before me.

Identifying with my own intuitive gifts and utilising spiritual messages to create jewels from the wisdom of my wounds. When there was nowhere left for me to go, I went within to heal my body. My mess created the magic of intuitively guided meditation and healing courses.

I know what it’s like to feel disconnected from feeling good, where living life with a fuzzy haze crazily becomes normal.

 I’ve created what I believe are miracles from shifting my thoughts and using creative visualisation and never in a million years did I think I had such power within me.

 I’ve used my spiritual awareness and all the tools I’ve learnt to manage my way out of the dark night of the soul to feel soooo in love with life and all the beauty it gifts me.

So why keep it to myself!

This knowledge, wisdom and awakening is something I wish for you to know and feel too.


What others say.

‘When I purchased the meditation series “U Got The Love”, I purchased far more than an exercise in meditation. Whilst listening to the meditation I found time to reflect, time to rest, and time for me.
In our day to day life taking time to listen to Nadia’s soothing voice, her guidance and thoughts has taught me to take the time to listen to myself and be kinder.
Nadia thank you for the time, effort and genuine love you put into your meditations.’



Once you make your purchase you’ll receive a link with all your meditations as well as your postcards with further info regarding the topics. Plug in your headphones and listen away. The content is powerful, so if you wish to journal it’s entirely up to you. The journey is yours to navigate exactly how you wish. Listen and absorb these words of wisdom as many times as you like.

Enjoy the awakening and journey to yourself.

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