You had me at FLAMENCO!

I’ve always been drawn to anything Latino.

This pull has guided me to travel to South and Central America as well as Spain several times.

My inner mystic cross gypsy, shaman, healer sure feels like it comes from many previous lifetimes.

I went to see an amazing show. Titled ‘Yo Carmen’ meaning ‘I Carmen’

An expression through Flamenco dance, music and theatre.

While I was being transported and I mean literally, I felt I was fusing and becoming one with the dancers energy, I was almost levitating.

I understood why!

I understood the choreography and dancers mission was very similar to my own message, one I am sharing with the world.

The energy of life moves through us, through our own unique and exclusive story.

Life is so much more than how we in the western world perceive it, looking at it and living it through external perspectives.

Pressure, stress, house, car, mortgage, social media perfection and false perfect life imagery.

Ironically we desire deeper connection but our focus is on the external bling.

Connecting to life with joy, passion and fire and voicing it from a super powerful place of inner calling where we are being supported from somewhere much bigger than us.

The Flamenco artist merging and entwining with life force energy as it danced gracefully through her, meeting her cell by cell, molecule by molecule, seductively alluring as passion poured from her fluid hips all accompanied by the charmed flamenco guitarist.

This is the true communication of life via our sacral chakra energy centre.

It was hot, hotter than that one mysterious pedron pepper.

This is how higher LOVE consciousness intelligently travels through each person to express life individually and collectively.

It is the ‘I AM’ energy from our creator expressing itself through us. We are all part of it and it is part of us!

When we are aligned with this enchantment, MAGIC truly happens.


Love Nadia







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